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 How to post a PWI screen shot step by step

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PostSubject: How to post a PWI screen shot step by step   Fri Apr 02, 2010 2:02 am

First click the Screen Shots button
Then click PWI Screen Shots
Then click Reply

Then Put in the Subject & Click the little button that looks like a photo with a disk

Click Browse in this little window

This is the location where my PWI Screen Shots go yours might be in a different location tho

Once you select the screen shot to upload click Host It

After it uploads I select the middle URL but I copy & past the old school way Ctrl+C then Crtl+V in the txt window

If done correctly it should look like this. Dont forget your Subject and a quick preview is always smart and if you wanna have a Title or some txt above the screen shot just drop the link down a line or two and type in what you want. Easy as pie right? If you want to have multiple shots like I did with this post just drop a few lines between links and repeat the above steps. And don't forget to click send when finished lol. Well I hope this was an easy step by step on how to post
your screen shots. Well how I do anyways lol you might have a better way plz share with the rest of us any tips and tricks you might have. And as always "Live Free Fight Hard & Don't Die lol"
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How to post a PWI screen shot step by step
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