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 Concept; Building Squad Groups for Questing/ Bh/ Fb Etc.

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PostSubject: Concept; Building Squad Groups for Questing/ Bh/ Fb Etc.   Sun Jun 13, 2010 12:03 pm

Helluuu to all my fellow KamiKaze's!

This is a suggestion from Phathom (aka. Fays) regarding things such as general Questing, FB compleation's, BH's, Culti boss's and such of the same.

Personally i havent been online much as i use to be, do to my health issues, so i apologize for that in advanced, but as a Kami Marshall i feel that i need to be trying to help in some fashion or another.

There for id like to see who if any one is interested in working in regular groups/ squads in order to help every one level more effectively. I believe that when a squad is well formulated, the players can use there class to the fullest of its potential, and not just diving into something and flailing about hoping things will work out.

For those people that are interested in something like this (starting with questing, and building up to TW attack and defensive squads) please simply post your screen name, class, level and USUAL online time(s) so that i can try to get something organized.

Because of various level gaps between lower level members and higher, i feel that it makes far more sence for people in the same level range to be doing there FB's/ BH's for the following reasons;

...a) When a member needs to complete an FB 29 for example, the amount of experience gained by the members in the squad is dependant on the level gaps. The higher the level the less "mobb" exp players will recieve as the majority of the exp goes to the higher level.
So it's not really helping the level 30-35 players when a level 60 comes to "help" (in that they near on solo the cave and or Boss).

...b)Skills... if you are running your Fb's or BH's with Higher level players all the time, you get use to it. you dont get the oppertunity to see how your skills work with your class or other class'es and thus the "flailing skills randomly" begins, to do as much damage as you possible can. The problem with this is that when you do happen to get in a squad with same level people, then there expecting you to operate a cirtain way based on you class and/ or build.

>>> Example; Fays: 59 Assassin. Armor type: Heavy. HP 2600 unbuffed, Phy. Def 3000 ...unbuffed. elemental Resists; 1000 unbuffed. Physical attack; 900-1200.
...Combat Style: Pure Skill Attack (attack speed based on channeling time) - Chill of the Deep in a continiously activated status (increase attack level to 18, reduce attk speed 60%)

Now, all though Fays is Built LIKE a BM, she lacks the AoE skills to create StunLock, so for her to hold "aggrovated attention" of mobbs, she must do an amount of damage to each target 1 at a time (or with spamming AoE skills) so that a cleric wont pull the targets to them. With this in mind, Fays is unable to act as a "back up tank" for a group if there is another Sin 5 levels higher, Psy (using black voodoo) at same level, or an archer 5 levels higher. with out all group members coordinating their attacks with the "lead" its inevitable that there will be deaths.

Iv explained all this to hopfully make you guys think about how you can "aid" your team mates, instead of trying to steal aggro from them. From a tacktical point of view, you want to do as much damage as you can, but with out over powering your lead (even if you know you can) if this means limiting your damage rate a little... then you dont die XD... sounds good to me.

(and just for the people wondering why Fays is in heavy armor... She is in no way a "Tank", nor is she a "BM" she is designed to be an assist to the clerics, wizards and Psy's that dont have the physical defence. Basicly a "meat shield" if you will..)

Any who. iv bantered on about this enough i think, if any one would like to get more information on the concepts i have for "League's" with in the Guild, you can pm me here on the bords (i think) or you can try my Skype @; kamikazephathom

...Keep Safe every one, "Play hard, Die Hard, Kamikaze in your back yard" XD lol!
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Concept; Building Squad Groups for Questing/ Bh/ Fb Etc.
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