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 Will Pay For Help!!!!

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PostSubject: Will Pay For Help!!!!   Sun May 16, 2010 3:03 am

Please I will pay anyone who will help me complete my Spiritual Cultivation. I need to kill Qianji so I can advance in this in order for me to get the new bladmaster skills I need. He is the only left I have to kill there. I will also pay anyone who can help me get the Tokens of Wood, Water and Fire in there as well. Just let me know how much you want and I will pay you. I don't have the tabs any more because someone was going to help me get the tokens and had me use the tabs then did not show me where to dig for those last three tokens.

Also I will pay for someone to get me into TT for Wraiths of Gods so I can turn in seven quests there to Snowtear, Hu and Wang the Glutton. I have an ultimate subastance to get in there.

I also will pay anyone who will help me get my Dragon Quests completed for 61 and 71 by killing those bosses.

There are other bosses I have but my Spiritual Cultivation is holding me back something awful in the game and I have it a long time now to do. I feel like a pest to keep begging for help with this so figure maybe if I make it worthwhile someone will help me. The seven TT quests I have to turn in have my quest log filled and I can't take other quests because of them. I need to turn them in to free up some space in it.

People are very busy, I know, with their own quests and advancement in the game. This is the reason I am willing to pay people for their time in helping me complete what I need badly. I do not want to waste anyone's time getting these things done and will pay well so I can get these thing done. If any items are also needed to get these done I will pay for them so nothing is a loss to anyone. If I could get these things done alone I would, as I do with everything else, but these things can't be done alone I have found out the hard way.

If anyone also know a site I can post on for the game where I can advertise I will pay for help with these things please let me know so I can also try that too.

Thank you I appreciate it.

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PostSubject: Re: Will Pay For Help!!!!   Mon May 17, 2010 8:19 pm

Hey I can help you get your tokens, but we'll need a party to take down quinji

just pm me if you see me online
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Will Pay For Help!!!!
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