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 Feeling ignored?

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PostSubject: Feeling ignored?   Tue Apr 20, 2010 5:06 pm

Every now and then someone might feel they aren't being helped enough. That's not uncommon in a large faction, chat moves fast sometimes and it's easy to miss someone asking for help. If you said you needed help and it was seemingly ignored please feel free to whisper a ranking member. Most of the higher levels spend most of their time helping, they are often in squad chat and miss a lot of faction chat. Also by "help" we mean things you can't do on your own and/or things you need to advance in the game. If you have a quest with a lot of mobs and you just don't feel like killing them all alone please try to find a quest partner or a make a squad with the people in the area. The higher levels have quests too and can't be expected to drop their stuff for things you can do on your own. When trying to get a squad together in faction please be patient, you might have to wait for some to finish what they are doing, others who asked for help before you will be helped before you. Culti-bosses and Fb bosses are things you need to advance and the higher levels are more than willing to help. Bh's are a different story. If no one in faction needs it then go find a squad that does. Happy hunting! Very Happy
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Feeling ignored?
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